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Beginnings: Miracle Mile Girls web series

In 2011 I wrote and produced a short web series called Miracle Mile Girls. At the time, I wasn’t planning much. I was thinking about camcorders and desk lamps for lighting (if you’re in the entertainment industry, you know how silly that sounds). I just wanted to create something that my friends and I would like to act in. I got a group of friends and young filmmakers together, and ended up with a product that exceeded my expectations and even ended up in Cannes!

Growing Pains

Miracle Mile Girls slowly started a get a life of its own. People actually liked it, despite its weaknesses. I started writing a second season (which turned into a feature script), and I started writing a wordpress blog with the characters of the series in mind, although it eventually turned into my own musings (and perhaps rantings). I was going through a very difficult time personally: trying to find my strength and my integrity in circumstances (perhaps self-imposed, perhaps not) that made me completely miserable and insecure. I had a lot of growing to do, and the blog helped me work through some things.
At one point, I decided that there is more than enough negativity to go around. I didn’t want to talk about what was wrong; but rather, about what was right. And so, I took the fundamental idea in Miracle Mile Girls – girls going the extra mile to make miracles happen – and I applied it to real life.

Strong Women. Inspirational Women. Real Women.

On this blog, I interview real women on their successes and failures, and how they deal with both, in both their personal and professional lives. It doesn’t matter if they are the CEO of a corporation, have just directed their first short film, got into their dream school, or how they found their true love (or how they got over a debilitating break up). The important thing is that, within every success, these women achieved their goal by overcoming the obstacles in their way.
I’m not interested in everything being ideal. What I am interested in is how we overcome challenges that stand between who we are today and who we want to – and can – be tomorrow. Life is about problem solving, and with Miracle Mile Girls Online I hope to inspire you with some real life examples of how others solved the problems they faced, and you yourself may face in the future.
To you!
Lots of Love,

Magda Marcella

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